Southbank Centre: Reframe

Brand Identity, Exhibition Branding, Digital Assets

Addressing diversity gaps in the creative industry

In collaboration with the Southbank Centre, The Reframe brand system and Residency exhibition aesthetic were meticulously crafted. The Residency, intrinsic to Reframe, propels the careers of young Black creatives—an initiative backed by Apple and executed with the Factory International, STEAMhouse, and Midlands Arts Centre. Beyond its foundational support, it stands as a dynamic spotlight for emerging talent in London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

The digital exhibition seamlessly weaves together photography, music, and sound design, creating an impactful and immersive experience. Drawing inspiration from the theme of Climate Change, artists connect with their familial heritage in Africa, the Caribbean, and British urban landscapes, creating a narrative that resonates globally.

Our design driver: Gitch The System. Merging the old school with the new, creating a typographic fusion that's clear-cut. We used Southbank's font family to craft a visual identity and a gridular visual language that speaks to the masses, amplifying the future of the creative industry.

Colour acts as a tool to distinguish The Reframe programmes. Reframe itself will consistently maintain a neutral palette to harmonise with all initiatives and serve as a centralised entity. However, the vibrant green used in The Residency Exhibition embodies the energy and spotlight, creating a visual language that resonates with the ethos of breaking barriers and reshaping narratives.

Youtube Black: Creator Celebration

Brand Identity, Merchandise, Digital Assets

“We Up” – Black voices and culture on a digital platform

Fostering unity through shared energy, #YouTubeBlack stands as the go-to space for creators passionate about black culture. It's more than just a platform; it's a canvas and a stage to amplify black narratives. From shaping brand positioning to concrete design principles, we seized the opportunity to construct an eclectic, optimistic, and vibrant visual realm that empowers.

The Creator Celebration is a pivotal component of the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund. Marking the final funding year, we were mindful of blending styles from both YouTube and the Voices Fund to ensure longevity as the channel grows. Hosted in Nairobi, Kenya, the Creator Celebration 2023 was not only about ensuring brand ownership but also embarking on a journey to infuse an African style and vibe. Driven by the “We Up” ethos, we crafted a series of positive messages to engage the community and highlight their outstanding work on the channel.

Drawing inspiration from fruit stickers and the African entrepreneurial spirit, we designed a series of collective stickers utilising YouTube's colour palette and typeface. They are not just analogue; they seamlessly work in the digital sphere, offering a simple yet engaging way to ensure brand consistency across the platform, social channels, and physical event collateral.

Another crucial part of the visual language is the gradient and image framing devices. This pays homage to the Black Voices Fund brand, with the gradient providing more of an organic feeling—a living gradient that animates across digital assets. It also allows freedom to change the tonal feeling, opting for darker colours with a pop of the complementary blue or a more monochromatic approach. The culmination is a brand that empowers individuals to share, play, dream, prove and inspire a world for tomorrow.

Sophie Griffiths Architects

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Website

Desinging Spaces for You, by People Like You

In an era where branding was once exclusively defined by the buildings designed, SGA sets a new standard for modern practice. Grounded in connection and process, Sophie sought a brand that authentically mirrored her design philosophy of fostering deep connections with businesses and individuals. Recognising the profound impact architecture can have on lives, she directs her focus to the places that shape our everyday experiences – our homes and learning spaces.

With a Bauhaus-inspired ethos, SGA's brand mirrors this ideology of seamlessly integrating art into the everyday. From bespoke lettering to a grid-based visual language and a direct, clear tone of voice, each element reflects an unwavering commitment to functionality and accessibility. Serving as a creative bridge, the SGA brand, much like the Bauhaus movement, transforms dreams of spaces and connections into tangible, practical, and aesthetically pleasing realities for everyday life

The choice of an earthy, tonal palette, influenced by Sophie's love for nature, harmoniously merges with a vibrant colour infusion, infusing dynamic energy into the SGA brand. This carefully curated palette not only brings the brand to life with fluidity and warmth but also introduces qualities often absent in the clinical world of architectural portfolios.

While the logo was designed to be both modern and modular, it seamlessly integrates across physical and digital touchpoints. Furthermore, the custom type influences the visual language and framework used within the website. Based on a simple cocktail of corner radius and a gridular layout, this brand remains grounded in functionality.

Spotify: African Heat


Brand Identity, Visual Language


The hottest new tracks from the continent

African music has surged globally across various genres, with curated playlists like Spotify's 'African Heat' playing a pivotal role. Spotify approached us to define the playlist's brand identity.

Channeling the rhythmic movement of music across the continent and beyond, the rebrand of the playlist takes inspiration from the artistry found in hand-painted signage and the vibrant visual culture of Africa. Working within Spotify's typeface and color palette limitations, we manipulated existing assets to introduce elements like drop shadows and paired color combinations, injecting some spice into the overall composition.

BIIND Music App 


Brand Identity, Brand Strategy


Disrupt The Algorithm

Biind, a pre-seed stage start-up, introduces a groundbreaking digital streaming platform with a dual mission: to revolutionise the exposure journey for emerging artists and redefine how consumers discover fresh talent. AOK took on the challenge of not only creating a brand identity that disrupts the market but also serves as a symbol for the underground scene.

The brand identity goes beyond aesthetics; it stands as a beacon empowering emerging talent and celebrating the virtues of free-thinking, experimentation, and independence. It signifies a shift in the industry agenda, moving beyond mere anti-establishment sentiment to actively drive meaningful change. The wordmark, crafted with unapologetic weight, carries a recognisable and substantial presence. This bold, blocky nature finds harmony with the fluid hand-drawn icon, capturing the imperfections of art and the organic expression of music-making. Incorporating metallic materials adds a touch of permanence, strength, and reflection to the brand, symbolising the enduring legacy it stands for in the music industry.

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